Occurrent 0.7.1 is now available. It’s a small release with a few dependency upgrades and bug fixes. Most notably is a fix that allows deploying Occurrent subscriptions to Atlas free tier.


  • Removed org.occurrent:eventstore-inmemory as dependency to org.occurrent:application-service-blocking (it should have been a test dependency)
  • Including a “details” message in DuplicateCloudEventException that adds more details on why this happens (which index etc). This is especially useful if you’re creating custom, unique, indexes over the events and a write fail due to a duplicate cloud event.
  • Upgraded to Kotlin 1.3.40
  • Upgraded project-reactor to 3.4.2 (previously 3.4.0 was used)
  • When running MongoDB subscriptions on services like Atlas, it’s not possible to get the current time (global subscription position) when starting a new subscription since access is denied. If this happens then the local time of the client is used instead.