Occurrent 0.16.8 is released with the following changes:

  • Upgraded jakarta-api from 1.3.5 to 2.11 (which means that all javax annotations have been replaced by jakarta)
  • Fixed a bug in CatchupSubscriptionModel that prevented it from working in MongoDB clusters that doesn’t have access to the hostInfo command such as Atlas free-tier.
  • Several changes to the RetryInfo model that is a part of RetryStrategy:
    1. Renamed getNumberOfAttempts to getNumberOfPreviousAttempts
    2. Added getAttemptNumber which is the number of the current attempt
    3. onError is now only called if the end result is an error. I.e. it will only be called at most once, and not for intermediate errors. Because of this, the variant of onError that took a BiConsumer<RetryInfo, Throwable> has been removed (because there’s no need for RetryInfo when the operation has failed).
    4. Added the onBeforeRetry method, which is called before a retry attempt is made. This function takes a BiConsumer<RetryInfo, Throwable> in which the RetryInfo instance contains details about the current retry attempt.